Utility Channel Installation System, Manufacturer, Pune, Maharashtra, India

A simple channel & nut combination feature that will strongly hold everting together in position

A self - sufficient integrated support system comprising of a channel, a spring loaded nut, a few brackets and fittings, with the help of which you can quickly decide and conveniently creates a structure / support solution and put it together without welding and drilling. The structure / support will feel at home in any area, installation site or field with complete freedom to adjust / readjust and to mount / de - mount as need keeps arising.

The spring nut, which can be inserted any where along the open face of the channel, has rounded ends to allow easy inseertion

Turn at 90 and the serrated grooves of the positioned with the tapered interned ridges of the channel

Brackets can be positioned anywhere along the open face allowing complete freedom of adjustment

Tighten the bold and the serrated teeth of the nut are locked onto the inturned edges of the channel resulting in a positive vice - like connection

The spring loaded nut can be conveniently inserted and positioned anywhere along the channel length. The component bracket or fitting can be located directly over the positioned nut and bolted with the nut serration teeth working into the channel ridges giving a rigid vise like grip.

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